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    The Jungle Book is a American animated musical comedy film produced by Walt Disney Productions. Based on Rudyard Kipling's book of the same name. The Jungle Book is a American fantasy adventure film directed and co- produced by Jon Favreau, produced by Walt Disney Pictures, and written by Justin. The Jungle Book is a American animated film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released on October 18, The 19th.

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    Jungle Book Disney

    The Jungle Book () Sterling Holloway and Bruce Reitherman in The .. Walt Disney Studios, South Buena Vista Street, Burbank, California, USA. A description of tropes appearing in Jungle Book. The 19th entry into the Disney Animated Canon, released on October 18, Based on a collection of . This item:The Jungle Book by Phil Harris DVD £ Experience all the excitement of Disney's jumpin' jungle classic, and share the wonder with someone you.

    Pale Females, Dark Males : The wolves and the elephants. Papa Wolf : Rama the wolf is a literal example, as he and Raksha raise Mowgli for 10 years as one of their own along with their own wolf cubs, deeply caring for Mowgli's safety, and as a result, Mowgli is entitled to the pack's protection. Paper-Thin Disguise : Baloo in drag with the monkeys. Baloo is getting visibly sexually aroused and the rock wall goes deep into his crack once or twice. Parental Substitute : Baloo acts as this to Mowgli for the brief time they are together. Prior to him, he was Raised by Wolves , his adoptive father Rama even referring to him as being "like a real son". How did Colonel Hathi get his Victoria Cross? In the movie, Hathi reminisces about being part of a British elephant troop and was presumably released into the wild when he got older; he just kept up his military habits with the herd he became part of never mind that bull elephants are almost always loners in the wild. It turns out that Baloo is rendered unconscious by the injuries inflicted on him But when the tiger actually attacks, Mowgli flinches. Recycled Animation : As seen here , the movie copies from a few other Disney movies and was reused in later ones. The scene where Mowgli is licked by the two wolves uses the same animation sequence from The Sword in the Stone where Wart gets licked by Tiger and Talbot, the castle dogs. Shere Khan also spends some time sneakily stalking a deer whose death had already traumatized a generation of Disney Kids.

    This was her last film before she died. The animators shot footage of Bruce as a guide for the character's performance. Carr's performance impressed Disney enough for him to cast her as the role of the human girl.

    In the original book, the vultures are grim and evil characters who feast on the dead. Disney lightened it up by having the vultures bearing a physical and vocal resemblance to The Beatles , including the signature mop-top haircut. It was also planned to have the members of the band to both voice the characters and sing their song, " That's What Friends Are For ".

    However, the Beatles member John Lennon 's refusal to work on animated films in that period led to the idea being discarded. However, Walt decided to cut the character for feeling that the film had already much action with the monkeys and vultures. Animation on The Jungle Book commenced on May 2, While many of the later Disney feature films had animators being responsible for single characters, in The Jungle Book the animators were in charge of whole sequences, since many have characters interacting with one another.

    The animation was done by xerography , with character design, led by Ken Anderson , employing rough, artistic edges in contrast to the round animals seen in productions such as Dumbo. Anderson also decided to make Shere Khan resemble his voice actor, George Sanders. Following one of Reitherman's trademarks of reusing animation of his previous films, the wolf cubs are based on dogs from Dalmatians.

    Baloo was also based on footage of bears, even incorporating the animal's penchant for scratching.

    Since Kaa has no limbs, its design received big expressive eyes, and parts of Kaa's body did the action that normally would be done with hands. The instrumental music was written by George Bruns and orchestrated by Walter Sheets.

    Two of the cues were reused from previous Disney films. The scene where Mowgli wakes up after escaping King Louie used one of Bruns' themes for Sleeping Beauty ; and the scene where Bagheera gives a eulogy to Baloo when he mistakenly thinks the bear was killed by Shere Khan used Paul J. Smith 's organ score from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. The score features eight original songs: Longtime Disney collaborator Gilkyson was the first songwriter to bring several complete songs which followed the book closely but Walt Disney felt that his efforts were too dark.

    The only piece of Gilkyson's work which survived to the final film was his upbeat tune " The Bare Necessities ", which was liked by the rest of the film crew. The Sherman Brothers were then brought in to do a complete rewrite. Disney said the "nice, mysterious, heavy stuff" from both works was not what he aimed for, instead going for a "lightness, a Disney touch". The Jungle Book was released in October , [9] just 10 months after Walt's death.

    The Jungle Book was re-released theatrically in North America three times, , , and , and also in Europe throughout the s. The film's total lifetime gross in the U. The Jungle Book is Germany's biggest film of all time in terms of admissions with As of , The Jungle Book held the record for the best-selling home video release in the United Kingdom, ahead of Titanic which sold 4. It was reissued on video in as part of the Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection for the film's 30th anniversary.

    The Jungle Book received positive reviews upon release, undoubtedly influenced by a nostalgic reaction to the death of Walt Disney. Using some lovely exotic pastel backgrounds and a nice clutch of tunes, the picture unfolds like an intelligent comic-strip fairy tale".

    Retrospective reviews were also positive, with the film's animation, characters and music receiving much praise throughout the years. The site's critical consensus reads, "With expressive animation, fun characters, and catchy songs, The Jungle Book endures as a crowd-pleasing Disney classic. The film is recognized by American Film Institute in this list:. In , Disneyland Records released the album More Jungle Book , an unofficial sequel also written by screenwriter Larry Simmons, which continued the story of the film, and included Phil Harris and Louis Prima voicing their film roles.

    However, the project never materialized.

    The Jungle Book | Disney Movies

    Elements of The Jungle Book were recycled in the later Disney feature film Robin Hood due to that film's limited budget, such as Baloo being inspiration for Little John who not only was a bear, but also voiced by Phil Harris. Many characters appear in the —91 animated series TaleSpin. The film, released in , differs even more from the book than its animated counterpart, but was still a box-office success.

    In , Disney released a direct to video film entitled The Jungle Book: Mowgli's Story. There are two video games based on the film: A version for the Game Boy Advance was later released in Birth by Sleep , although areas of the world are accessible via hacking codes.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Jungle Book Theatrical release poster. Walt Disney Productions. Main article: The Jungle Book characters.

    The Jungle Book

    When Phil Harris did the voice of Baloo, he gave it a bubble of life. We didn't coach him, just let it happen. The Jungle Book soundtrack. Walt's Magic Touch on a Literary Classic. Walt Disney Home Entertainment. January 6, The Hollywood Reporter.

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    How Walt Disney brought The Jungle Book to the big screen

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    Retrieved August 27, The Jungle Book". January 19, Retrieved October 27, Retrieved January 1, The young kids could handl What's the story? Based on Rudyard Kipling 's story, the movie tells the tale of Mowgli, the "man cub" found by benevolent panther Bagheera, who tucks the baby boy safely away with a family of wolves. Mowgli grows up happy, living in the jungles of India. But the jungle won't be safe for him once the tiger Shere Khan finds out here's there.

    So wise Bagheera voiced by Sebastian Cabot begins leading Mowgli toward civilization -- whether he wants to go or not. Along the way the pair encounters hypnotic snake Kaa Sterling Holloway , an army of elephants, and, much to Bagheera's dismay, Baloo the bear Phil Harris , a lovable "jungle bum" who temps Mowgli with his laid-back, "Bare Necessities" life.

    But when the two ditch Bagheera, life isn't all fun and games. Crazy orangutans including their jazzy king, Louis Prima run off with Mowgli and Shere Khan is hot on his trail. It'll take the unlikely team of Bagheera and Baloo to keep Mowgli safe.

    Continue reading Show less Is it any good? Kipling's classic story has been thoroughly Disney-fied, but it remains a lively and engrossing adventure with jaunty animation and delightful jazz-inspired songs.