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    This data sheet describes the benefits, specifications, and ordering E, E, R+E, and R+E chassis are extremely flexible. Cisco introduces two new chassis for the Cisco® Catalyst® Series Switches : the Catalyst R+E and Catalyst R+E (Figure 1). The new chassis. WS-CR+E Datasheet. Check its price: Click Here. Overview. Cisco Catalyst R+E chassis offers 7 slots with 5 line-card slots and 2 supervisor engine.

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    Cisco 4507r Datasheet Pdf

    chassis: Cisco Catalyst R (seven R is the only Cisco Catalyst Catalyst Family Supervisor Engine III and IV data sheet located on the. Data Sheet. © Cisco The Cisco® Catalyst® Series Switches enable borderless networks, providing high performance, mobile, and E, E, R+E, and R+E chassis are extremely flexible and support either 6. The Cisco Catalyst Series includes two series of Catalyst chassis: the . for supervisor engines only in Cisco Catalyst R-E; Slots , and are.

    Also supported is Internet Group Management Protocol IGMP snooping in hardware, enhancing performance and reducing network traffic by allowing a switch to dynamically add and remove hosts from a multicast group. Supervisor Engine V Redundancy for Business Resiliency The Cisco Catalyst Series was designed to maximize desktop user uptime, with noninterrupted hardware switching. The primary supervisor is active and is responsible for normal system operation. The other supervisor serves as a secondary standby, monitoring the operation of the primary supervisor. Information is fully synchronized between supervisors to allow the standby supervisor to immediately take over in subsecond time if the primary fails. It enables rapid, nondisruptive software upgrade for new line cards, new power supplies, new features, or bug fixes. As a result, VoIP calls are not dropped. Alerts are generated to the network monitoring software if either supervisor fails, and hot swapping of supervisors is supported without disrupting system operation. The resiliency features of the Cisco Catalyst Series prevent network outages that could result in lost business and revenue. Table 3.

    Page 4 Cisco Catalyst Series chassis and supervisor engines.

    Cisco Catalyst 4503 Datasheet

    For example, line cards that shipped with the original Cisco Catalyst Switch in will work in the Cisco Catalyst E-Series chassis.

    Because of the centralized architecture of the Cisco Figure 4.

    All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information.

    Figure 8. Page 8 Category 5 copper cabling. These modules provide wiring closet investment protection by allowing Fast Ethernet desktops to migrate to Gigabit Ethernet in the future without replacement of the switch line cards. Figure Metro Ethernet: residential customers located within a 1.

    Page 18 IEEE Table 3. Apart from the features previously mentioned, Supervisor Engine 7-E has resiliency built into its uplinks.

    Figure 2 shows the uplink options on Supervisor Engine 7-E. Figure 2. These links are enabled through fiber as well as on copper connectivity.

    Cisco Catalyst Series Supervisor Engine V Data Sheet - Cisco

    These links are configured as MEC, minimizing traffic disruption from switch or uplink failure. Simplified Operations through Automation As campus switching has grown to support increasing enterprise demands, so has the need to deploy and manage new and evolving technologies.

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    Simplified operations are critical in meeting these challenges and achieving increased operational efficiency through proactive management and reduction in unplanned network downtime. The Cisco Catalyst E, now acting as Smart Install Director, provides a single management point for images and configuration of directly or indirectly connected Cisco Catalyst , , , and Series Switches.

    Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series Supervisor Engine V Data Sheet

    This allows the Cisco Catalyst E Supervisor Engine 7-E to be transparently integrated into campus switching environments for a comprehensive security solution based on Cisco TrustSec. This feature also interoperates with the Cisco Identity Services Engine, providing for centralized view of all devices' access the network in a scalable manner.

    When combined with AutoSmartPorts ASP , it also provides the ability to dynamically apply policies on the switch based on the device type.

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